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A payment gateway with solutions to provide maximum output through Network Marketing platform.

About Us

Intarocryptocurrency is a platform which offers unique solutions to traders and users with peer-to-peer architecture. It renders the Point of Sale (POS) transactions instant and secured. The integration of web wallet with cryptocurrency through smart contract provides validity to every transaction. This bridges the gap between the paying party and receiving party. The Network Marketing (Network Marketing) gives a robust setting to this our mechanism. It provides a collateral support to the architecture with fair commissions and quicker delivery, leveraging the benefits of blockchain it the utmost manner.

Our aim is to provide faster services with better value without any intervention of middlemen. Through Intarocryptocurrency, you can not only facilitate your transactions, you can also earn more through this Network Marketing based application. This application can establish the trust between trading parties and remove all the detractors which hurdled the business activities before.


Referral Bonus 10% on every referral
Volume bonus 10%
WEEKLY MF is 3% every week for 104 weeks
Leadership bonus is 50%

Get incentivized through our different plans and enhance your profits with Network Marketing based architecture. Redefine business with smart marketing programs.

The Network Marketing lets you earn manifold without any efforts. Multiply your profits by referring your friends and earn 10% of their purchase. Trade the tokens with any exchange through our wallet without any transaction fee and raise you income.


Idea Come up

INTARO will be launch on July 2018 was announced on July 2017

Formation of Team

Discussion and Team finalization

Funding Team Formation

It some kind of private sale big investor will be added team

Start Funding

INTARO will getting start funds from his investors

Marketing Team Formation

Marketing team will finalize

Coding Team Searching

Coding team will be search for development

Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign will create for INTARO

Network Marketing Formation

Network marketing formation will create

Leaders Recruiting

Leaders recruiting will finalize for INTARO

Building Agreement

Agreement discussion with legal team and finalization

Start Coding

After search the coding team project will develop

Web Building

INTARO will design and develop

Mass Promotion Campaign

Promotion campaign will be create in bulk

Exchanger Listing

Token will be list on exchange


INTARO will be launch

Eco-System integration

Discussion and tie-up with ecommerce

International Market open

Website will be available for international market


You will earn through the referrals which is based on Network Marketing program. It multiplies your income if someone buys a plan from us on your referral
Intarocryptocurrency platform works on peer-to-peer architecture, which means it lets you deal directly with the trading party without any middlemen. As this process cuts down intermediaries, transaction fee becomes zero and they get way faster than the regular payment gateways.
Our motto is to make cryptocurrency a part of day-to-day transactions. This can only be achieved when crypto transactions provide more feasibility than fiat transactions and executes faster. This app cuts down the transaction fee, provides greater speed and you can trade our coins on any leading exchange
As a service provider our priority is to make this app more popular by proving its utility. Our aim is also to make people familiar with cryptocurrency, which is the greatest invention of this century. At last, if our tokens get higher value resulted by extensive usage of this app, our team will have the due amount of their share.
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